me and the view from Victoria Peak Hong Kong skyline

Victoria Peak Hong Kong skyline view

The view from Victoria Peak Hong Kong is breathtaking! It’s a highlight of any HK trip. Locals refer to it as The Peak.

Victoria Peak is a mountain in HK with outstanding views of the skyline.

Photos from Victoria Peak Hong Kong:

View from Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, the best place to view the HK skyline
View from Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak, the best place to view the HK skyline

How high is the view from Victoria Peak?

The view from 1800 feet above sea level at Victoria Peak. That makes it the highest point in Hong Kong. Sweet views!

me in front of Victoria PeakHong Kong skyline view from Victoria Peak

When’s the best time to visit Victoria Peak?

I loved the Hong Kong skyline at night, but it was crowded. As with nearly all tourist attractions, I recommend considering going when it opens in the morning. If you arrive early, you’d have sweet views all to yourself.

Also, consider avoiding peak seasons to get there a fighting chance.

me with a Hong Kong skyline view from Victoria Peak

How much does it cost to visit Victoria Peak?

Roundtrip tickets are only HK$52. That’s $6.71 in USD.

View from Victoria Peak, of the Hong Kong skyline

Victoria Peak is the English name of course. In traditional Chinese it’s 太平山)

View from Victoria Peak of the Hong Kong skyline


Getting to Victoria Peak Hong Kong

To get to Victoria Peak, most tourists take the Peak Tram. This is a scenic ride in a 100 year old train as they ascend up the mountain. You can take the 15 bus to the tram. However, I went a few years ago, so I recommend confirming that this is still the correct bus before taking it.

At the top is a building that looks like a ship with all kinds of tourist traps. For example, it includes Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Odditorium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and the Peak Explorer Motion Simulator. I’d head straight to the many viewing areas – they’re spectacular!

The Lion Pavilion offers a panoramic vista of the Hong Kong skyline, which is really impressive at night.

For more of the history here’s the wiki on Victoria Peak.

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