me while snorkeling in Malapascua Philippines

Snorkeling in the Philippines – Malapascua Island

Snorkeling in Malapascua

I had never gone snorkeling with so few fish as I did in Malapascua, Philippines. With that said, the water was clear and we had a great group and our first ever encounter with a Sea Snake!

I’ll post about the Sea Snake soon, but in the meantime, here are some fun pics from our snorkeling experience below.

With hardly any fish and great visibility, we mostly just played. Our international group of friends were from Italy, Sweden, England, Holland, and the U.S.

crystal clear waters while snorkeling in Malapascua Island, Philippines

Is there good snorkeling?

I adore the Philippines and was excited for a snorkeling trip.

If you’re wondering, is there good snorkeling in Malapascua?¬† That depends on your perspective, but I’d say no. If you’re looking for clear water, it’s wonderful. If you’re looking for lots of fish, I don’t recommend it. With that said, I had an amazing time!

sea snake in the Philippines - very dangerous!

Once we got over the disappointment of not seeing fish, we had a fun photo shoot in the clear waters of Malapascua.

it's me! snorkeling off the coast of Malapascua Island, Philippines

Gabbi had her blade ready, just in case we saw a single fish on our adventure. Unfortunately we did not.

snorkeling with a knife for predators

Snorkeling in the Philippines near the Island of Malapascua

the only fish we saw in two hours of snorkeling

Ian was ready with little pieces of bread in a bottle to feed the non-existent fish.

snorkeling trick - put bread in a plastic bottle to attract fish when snorkeling
Ian was ready with little pieces of bread in a bottle to feed the non-existent fish.

Peppi loved how clear the water was everywhere we went!

snorkeling photo in clear waters of Malapascua, Philippines

Note, don’t touch the sea snakes. They’re incredibly poisonous and dangerous. Ahhhh!

Sea Snake in Malapascua Philippines Visit50 Feb2011

Malapascua is mostly known for the thresher shark diving – if wondeing what that is, I’ve got you covered, with a full post outlining all you’ve ever wanted to know about thresher sharks.

I’ve also put together a post on the rest of Malapascua island, which I absolutely loved! The whole island is just 1.5 miles long (2.5 KM) and only a little more than a half mile wide (1 KM wide). You can walk the entire island in less than 2 hours

Here’s another blog post I liked on Malapascua

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