Malapascua island – now with electricity!

Introducing Malapascua island – now with electricity!

Some of the friendliest people I met were in the Philippines on  Malapascua island – we didn’t want to leave!  Everyone seemed to genuinely appreciate having us on the island. Tourism can be a double-edged sword. The influx of money can do wonders for a local economy, but it often strips that town of its own culture (I’m talking to you Thailand, specifically Phuket).

While people have been coming to Malapascua to see Thresher Sharks for years, it’s VERY difficult to get to, and it didn’t always offer electricity.  It’s still difficult to get there, but thanks to some generators, the island now has (nearly) 24 hours of electricity in most hotels. It’s new enough that you see signs advertising that they have 24 hours of electricity; it reminded me of old motels growing up that would advertise on signs that they have color TV. Ooooh!

Malapascua Island, Philippines

The beaches on Malapascua island were both empty and beautiful – it’s so difficult to get to, so only travelers that are very determined will make it. The people that are most determined tend to be going there to see Thresher Sharks. More on that in that post (click the link).

Malapascua Island has some of the best sunsets in the Philippines

These friendly kids (below) stopped by every day. At first they were trying to sell us shells, but eventually just wanted to hang out with us. They’d request us to play music for them – interestingly, they’d nearly always request the same some. “Play Waka Waka!” Every day.

Photos from Malapascua Island

my new friends on Malapascua island, Philippines
my new friends on Malapascua island, Philippines
View on Malapascua Island from the Blue Coral hotel
Raymond takes in the view from Blue Coral, our hotel. It was 1500 php per night, so at 750 php that’s $17/night for each of us (most I’d spent on lodging in weeks!)
Rum is cheaper than coke in the Philippines
Notice the Rum+Coke pricing. 60 php, or 50 php for a double Rum+coke, or 40 php for a triple. I thought it was an error but they confirmed – apparently the rum costs less than soda. – We obviously ordered the triple.
man-made BBQ on Malapascua Island in the Philippines
Malapascuan BBQ – suspend a metal rack from a triangle tent of 3 bamboo sticks with a fire pit beneath it.

Here’s the song I referenced:

We were so excited for snorkeling in Malapascua, although unfortunately we didn’t see a single fish.

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Philippines map

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