sunset in Mabul island borneo

Mabul Island diving and Hostel guide

Borneo’s Mabul Island diving is a great home base for your Sipadan SCUBA diving trips. Mabul is a tiny little island in Borneo Semporna Archipelago. I’ll share more on the great dive community and backpacker hostels.

Lodging for Mabul Island Diving

They have SCUBA diving backpacker hostels and bungalows with a great community. There’s also pricey luxury resorts too, like any island in a beautiful region.

The rest is the local village that’s built on stilts.

sunset in Mabul island in Borneo

Hostels and SCUBA dive community

You could spend $300 USD per night at the luxury resort and get a beautiful place with privacy, or you can spend $30 with meals included in a great community. I chose the latter.

I stayed with “SCUBA-Junkie” and really loved the community of divers.

Pictured below are some of my friends from Denmark, Sweden, and Canada. I kept meeting such great people.

group photo of divers in Mabul

Longhouse hostels in Mabul

You can also spend a night in the village amongst the local community in a “longhouse” hostel in Mabul. A basic room on stilts for 45 ringgit (~$15) per night.

boats in Mabul - view from Longhouse hostels

Scuba dive community in Mabul

The diving was impressive and certainly the best I’ve done. Even besides that, the people are what made it a highlight of my trip. I’m still in touch with people I met on that trip. I visited two of them on my Copenhagen trip too! It’s certainly been some of my favorite days so far.

Also, I loved meeting the locals. I met this kids in Mabul Island and did a whole photo shoot.

Additional info on Mabul here.


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