Boracay Sunset Silhouettes - Beach Paradise!

Boracay Sunset Silhouettes, best in the world

Imagine visiting a place where every afternoon was the most amazing sunset you’ve ever seen…until the next day. Boracay island might be paradise, and made for some amazing sunset silhouettes.  Loved it!

Boracay Sunset Silhouettes!

Boracay beaches are paradise
this is one of my favorite photos from Boracay – I want to go back!

Boracay was easily my favorite part of the Philippines. We saw some of the most amazing sunsets – this post has some of my favorites.

Boracay Sunset Silhouettes at the beach Philippines
definately a “Kodak moment!”

Nearly every day in Boracay finished with one of the most beautiful sunsets I’d ever seen!

The Boracay beaches were fairly empty until around 5pm, when the sun began to set. This below photo is of Frisbee Silhouettes!

Frisbee Silhouettes! The Boracay sunsets
The beaches are often fairly empty until around 5pm, when the sun begins to set
Boracay sunset silhouettes in the Philippines
the gorgeous sky made for some awesome sunset silhouettes in Boracay Philippines

The gorgeous Boracay sky turned orange, red and purple, and made for some awesome sunset silhouettes. The colors are simply stunning!

Sunset Silhouettes - Boracay Beach fun
These kids were adorable!

capturing the sunburst in my hand in Boracay

There’s nothing quite like experiencing a breathtaking sunset.

photographer captures the Boracay sunset with his SLR camera
My friend Julian captures the Boracay sunset with his SLR. We couldn’t get enough of these

Want more sunsets? I’ve put together all the sunset posts on at this link.

How to photograph silhouettes

Assuming you work in Auto mode, turn your flash off. The key to photographing silhouettes is to meter on the background sky, instead of the subject. Most cameras autofocus as soon as you press the shutter halfway. Aim at the bright part of the sky, then press and hold your shutter halfway. Keep it pressed halfway as you adjust to what you want in your frame. When you’re ready to take the photo squeeze the shutter fully. Bam!

Want more sunset silhouettes?

I also put together some of our favorite jumping photo sunset silhouettes in Boracay with red and orange sky backdrops.

By popular demand, I’ve started to organize the series of Sunset Silhouettes at this link. Enjoy!

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  1. Sunsets are very beautiful to look at in Boracay! I would really love to visit there! Such a great tourist spot. And very warm people welcoming the tourist. Great job!

  2. I’m obsessed with sunsets! Been wanting to go to the Philippines within the next two years so Boracay is definitely on my list now

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