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Travel Trivia Challenge – how many world landmarks?

Below is the view from my hotel room – or at least that’s the view I’d want.  You’ll notice that there’s a series of monuments, landmarks, and icons from countries around the world. How many can you name?

Let’s make it a travel contest to see who can come up with the most – the Travel Trivia Challenge. Try to name every world landmark you see. For each one you correctly identify, you get one point for the landmark name and one point for the city or country where it’s from. For example, if you can identify the Sydney Opera House in the front of the image, and know it’s from Sydney, Australia, you get two points.

world landmarks monument travel trivia game -
How many world landmarks can you name from this image?

How many world landmarks can you name from this image?Click the image to see a larger version, then right-click it to save as your new desktop image.

Ask me if you need hints for naming any of the buildings, landmarks, or monuments.

Hint: I saw two of these landmarks in the first half of my recent Asia trip – I wrote about both experiences and posted the photos. Which ones?

Post your totals in the comments or on our Visit50 Facebook page and afterward we’ll crown the winner of the 2011 Travel Trivia Challenge.

Photo/Art credit: I can’t remember where I received this image from, and would like to provide the appropriate credit. I’ve had it on my computer for a few years now – great desktop background!

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