Who needs sunscreen?

While many people in the United States tend to soak up as much sun as possible, the exact opposite is true in most parts of Asia. People go to great lengths to avoid any exposure to the sun – especially on their face, as you’ll notice in this below photo from the Philippines.

To protect your skin from the sun, you could use SFP 50, wear large hats, or you could avoid the sun entirely. If it’s completely unavoidable, why not wrap your face in towels like a mummy. See below.

Smile for the camera!

Fear of sun in the Philippines
Smile for the camera! We asked the guy behind me to smile for the photo. Really, he’s smiling. Can’t you tell?  — Photo taken on the way to Malapascua,Philippines
Who needs sunscreen when you can wrap your face like a mummy! - Philippines
he reeeeeally doesn’t want any sun on his face



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