Photo: Wax Apples in Hong Kong, 1024 x 679

Wax Apples in Hong Kong

There are all kinds of new fruits in Hong Kong, including these wax apples. Wax apples do not taste like apples – they’re juicy like watermelons. So delicious!

The official name of wax apples is Syzygium samarangense

wax Apples in Hong Kong
bell-shaped wax apples in Hong Kong

In Taiwan and China, wax apples are known as lianwu (simplified Chinese: 莲雾; traditional Chinese: 蓮霧; pinyin: lián wù). Other names include love apple, java apple, bellfruit. water apple, mountain apple and rose apple.

These wax apples were red like typical apples but I read that some have colors ranging from white, pale green, green, red, purple, to deep purple or even black. The reddest fruits are the sweetest.

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