Travel Bucket List 2016

Top 10 trips that are still on my travel bucket list

Which countries are on your travel bucket list?  Now that I’m getting so close to my Visit 50 goal (the Visit50 Travel Challenge – I’ve visited 47 countries already!), people have been asking, where’s next?  Where haven’t you visited yet?  Here’s a list of the top 10 trips that are still on my travel bucket list.

Warning, viewing this post may give you wanderlust!

  1. African Safari in Tanzania/Kenya/South Africa

Wildlife is among of my favorite things to travel to see (and photograph) – that includes lions, leopards, rhinoceros, cheetahs, elephants, and more. Sign me up!Lions in Africa - travel bucket list 2016

My ideal trip:  I want to visit the Serengeti during the Great Zebra & Wildebeest Migration.

Every year, 300,000 zebras, and 1.5 million wildebeest migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara. Watching them cross  the Grumeti River (Tanzania) and the Mara River (Kenya) is supposed to be a spectacular site!

seeing the Serengetti Migration is on my travel bucket list
photo by Diana Robinson

I’d also love to do a safari in Namibia or Botswana. All of them sound awesome!

2. Galapagos Islands / Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands have wildlife that’s unique to their little islands. It’s so close and sounds so amazing. I have to get there!

Galapagos - seeing Puffins is on my Travel bucket list
Seeing Baby Sea Lions is on my 2016 travel bucket list
Baby Sea Lions can be spotted throughout the Galapagos Islands

3. Iceland – Aurora Borealis!

The Aurora Borealis is supposed to be amazingly beautiful. Imagine the sky turning bright green, or even a rainbow of colors!

Seeing Aurora Borealis is on my travel bucket list
Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights

The sky turns green!

While you can see the “Northern Lights” from all over the world in northern locations, Iceland’s been on my list for a while. They also have so much natural beauty in a little country.

The northern lights - I'll see them soon!

4. Morocco

There’s so much to love: the Sahara, the architecture, the culture, and more. I still haven’t been to Africa, and if I don’t go to a country with a safari, Morocco might be next.

A camel ride through the desert in Morocco is on my travel bucket list

5. New Zealand

NZ is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. It’s also the adventure capital of the world. Travelers dedicate weeks to exploring New Zealand and

still wish they had more time.

New Zealand's Milford Sound - photo by paul bica
New Zealand’s Milford Sound – (credit)

6. Japan

This is cheating a little – I was in Tokyo for 48 hours. There’s so much more to explore. I need at least a week more to explore Tokyo, but more importantly, I want to get to Kyoto and other regions. There’s so much more to see, like this below bamboo forest:

Sagano Bamboo forest, Arashiyama, Kyoto
Sagano Bamboo forest, Arashiyama, Kyoto – (credit)

7 Argentina – Iguazu Falls & Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is “Paris of the South” – it’s on of the best cities in South America. Mendoza is wine country. Patagonia is incredibly beautiful and offers all kinds of great hiking. Speaking of natural beauty – Iguazu Falls looks awesome! [photo below]

Iguazu Falls looks so impressive!
Iguazu Falls looks so impressive! You can also see it from the Brazil side of the border. (credit)

8. Spain – Barcelona, Mallorca, Madrid, Valencia

The food, the culture, yes sign me up! This might be my next trip. I’ll keep this brief, as I’m about to write a longer post dedicated to Spain.

Spain might be the next on this list for me to visit
Spain sounds awesome – starting with La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Dancers in Pamplona at the festival of the feasts. (credit)
Dancers in Pamplona at the festival of the feasts. (credit)


Egypt looks surreal, starting with the pyramids…but there’s way more to this country. Like Israel, it’s been stuck on my top countries to visit list for a while due to current conditions. Lots of travel bloggers report going recently and finding it to be wonderful (with very few lines!).

The Giza Pyramids & Sphinx in Egypt have been on my travel bucket list for a while
This photo captures why I want to see Egypt with my own eyes (and lens!)

10. Cuba

Havana looks frozen in time due, and is finally accessible. You’ll want to visit before a cruise docks – it’ll change the country.

I need to visit Cuba before it changes - the clock is ticking!
I need to visit Cuba before it changes – the clock is ticking!
Travel Bucket List Honorable Mentions –

The next 10 includes Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Chile, and others. There’s also lots of places in the world with one amazing place – like the Salt Flats in Bolivia.

In every country I’ve been to, there’s at least one place that I didn’t get to but am excited to visit. Each travel conversation gets me a little more excited for my next trip.

Which trips are on your travel bucket list?

Have you been to any of these? Any and all advice is welcome! What’s at the top of your travel bucket list?  Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Wow! Not only is it impressive that you have a goal of 50 – it’s impressive that you’ve been to 47 countries so far! Iceland is up there on my list too, the photos I’ve seen of those amazing northern lights are so compelling. A country I have spent some time in is Spain, you can’t go wrong just about anywhere in that marvelous country (oh tapas and pintxos heaven!) – but I haven’t been to Valencia or Mallorca…yet! Keep adventuring Todd, I love seeing your latest travels on Instagram!

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