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Angkor Wat video tours

Angkor Wat – a 5 video aerial view tour

Angkor Wat is breath-taking; every traveler should visit. If you can’t get there, check out this impressive video of “Angkor Wat from the Air” from Matador Network: 


Angkor Wat is at the top of the list of places to visit for Cambodia, and possibly all of Southeast Asia!  I’ve posted a photo tour, but this Angkor Wat video provides a different view – an aerial view of one of the 7 wonders of the world.

I love this photo! Angkor Wat video tour and this photo are via Matador Network
I love this photo! Photo is via Matador Network

Angkor Wat Video and photo is courtesy of Matador Network. Video is by awesome photographer/videographer Max Seigal.

The videos fly over and through my favorite temples –  Angkor WatBayon, Angkor Thom, and Ta Prohm, all in Siem Reap Cambodia. For a photo tour of each, click the linked names.

Pro Tip — Plan for big crowds; it was packed both times I visited. Decide if you’re going to try to catch Angkor Wat at sunrise – if not, choose a different order to explore the temples to avoid the largest crowds. Even if that’s your plan, visit Angkor Wat to capture your sunrise photo, and then leave that temple to start at Angkor Thom, since most of the crowd just stays at Angkor Wat. Then come back for sunset. This Angkor Wat video, “Angkor Wat from the Air,”  will give you a sense of what the rest of the complex looks like.

The below videos provide a bit of the history:

Here’s Nat Geo‘s 1 hour documentary on Angkor Wat:

Nat Geo: Lost City of Angkor Wat

Ancient Megastructures – Angkor Wat:

Have you been to Angkor Wat in Cambodia? What’d you think of it?

England vs UK vs Great Britain

England vs UK vs Great Britain – are these the same?

Do England, the United Kingdom, and Great Britain, all refer to the same place?  What’s the difference between England vs UK vs Great Britain, and what’s included in each? Is Scotland a country?  Here’s the answer in a 5-minute video that breaks these down. I’ve also highlighted some quick answers below that. You’ll understand your initial question in the first 30-seconds, but this clip does a great job with the natural follow-up questions.

For example, why is the Queen is on Canadian currency? Where do Belize and the Cayman Islands fit in?  Enjoy!

what's the difference between england vs uk vs great britain
image from below CGPGrey video

England vs UK vs Great Britain

Here’s a quick breakdown:

England contains about 80% of the population of the UK.

Great Britain includes England, Wales and Scotland. Great Britain is a geographical term referring to the island on which the greater parts of England, Wales and Scotland are situated. GB is also a legal one referring to those three territories considered together. Great Britain is the largest island of the British Isles, which is most of the UK but not all.

Where does the name Great Britain come from? The name GB originates from the Latin ‘Britannia’, the ‘Great’ being introduced to distinguish it from Little Britain, which was the French province later called Bretagne, or Brittany.

United Kingdom includes Great Britain (England, Scotland, & Wales), plus Northern Ireland. The full name of the UK is actually “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.” It defines the area represented in the UK Parliament and for which that Parliament normally makes laws. Northern Ireland and multiple small islands from each country in the region are part of the UK but not part of GB.

So you now you know the difference between England vs UK vs Great Britain, but that still leaves some unanswered questions.

Why is the Queen on Canadian money?

The Commonwealth realm are countries who were formerly British colonies. This term includes the United Kingdom, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, in addition to Belize, Bahamas, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent. They’re independent sovereign nations, but recognize the monarchy as head of state.  The official name is the Commonwealth Realm.

British territories are different than those above in that they’re not independent (formerly known as “Crown Colonies”). These territories are not part of the UK but they’re under the UK’s jurisdiction. These include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and more. The full name is British Overseas Territories.

British” doesn’t mean you’re from Great Britain; all of the above countries are British, even though they have different nationalities, and the vast majority aren’t in Great Britain. Technically, British are citizens or natives of the United KingdomCrown Dependencies (Gibraltar, Jersey, Isle of Man), British Overseas Territories, and their descendants.

Here’s a helpful diagram:

The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained
The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained


England vs UK vs Great Britain

Sources –  CGPGrey‘s informative video clip (above), various Wiki links.

CGPGrey‘s youtube page and blog have a wealth of tremendous video explainers on other topics as well – I strongly recommend!

Diving with Grey Reef Sharks – best shark video ever!

Imagine being surrounded by Grey Reef Sharks while SCUBA diving – it’s all captured in this awesome 5-minute diving video of Grey Reef Sharks in Nassau, Bahamas, at the Ray of Hope shipwreck. I love the ominous music too. Check out the video of SCUBA diving with these “Apex Predators” below:

Grey Reef Sharks, Nassau, Bahamas

Photos and videos of the Grey Reef Sharks were shot by Sarosh Jacob while SCUBA diving with a Panasonic Lumix ZS7 camera.

I just posted the story of my first time entering shark infested waters – surrounded by sharks in Borneo!

Proboscis Monkeys: Up close

Borneo’s Proboscis Monkeys

I was fascinated by Borneo’s Proboscis Monkeys! It was a rare chance to observe and photograph an endangered species in the wild. Proboscis Monkeys seem so human-like!  Imagine a monkey with a distinctive huge nose and a pot belly. They often walk upright (rare for mammals) and sit like humans sit.

The proboscis monkey name, Nasalis larvatus, literally translates to “long nose,” and you can see why (below):

Rare Proboscis Monkey - relaxing on a low branch  | Bako National Park in Borneo, Malaysia
Rare Proboscis Monkey – relaxing on a low branch, in Borneo, Malaysia

A male proboscis monkey’s nose can reach up to 7 inches in length!

Sometimes Proboscis Monkeys seem so human-like!  This proboscis monkey was frantically eating as if he hadn’t eaten for days! Take a look in this video clip from my time in Malaysian Borneo:

Bako National Park also has bearded pigs, which greeted us upon entering the island. When we heard a typical pig sound later in the day, we were surprised to hear these honking sounds coming from proboscis monkeys.

Proboscis monkeys live on a special diet of leaves, flowers and seeds of vegetation found only in rivers, mangroves, and peat swamps
Proboscis monkeys live on a special diet of leaves, flowers and seeds of vegetation found only in rivers, mangroves, and peat swamps
Female proboscis monkeys have much smaller noses - Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia
Female proboscis monkeys have much smaller noses – Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia

Orangutans are much more closely related to humans, but the mannerisms of proboscis monkeys made me stop in my tracks and want to observe them all day. I did.

Proboscis monkeys are proficient swimmers, using the webbing between their fingers to move quietly (so as not to attract predators, like crocodiles) using a form of dog paddle, and seem to like the mangrove swamps.
Proboscis monkeys are proficient swimmers, using the webbing between their fingers to move quietly (so as not to attract predators, like crocodiles) using a form of dog paddle, and seem to like the mangrove swamps.

I’ve added Proboscis Monkey facts throughout this page. Enjoy!


  • Proboscis Monkeys live almost exclusively in mangrove forests like the one in the above photo from Bako. They can also be found in lowland rainforests.
  • Proboscis monkeys are dependent on habitats with rivers and streams.
  • Proboscis monkeys sleep in trees. They prefer thick branches growing over water to protect themselves from predators.

    Proboscis Monkey eating leaves, in Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia
    Proboscis Monkey eating leaves
  • Size: Male Proboscis Monkeys can be twice the weight of females. Males can be up to 50 pounds. Females are up to 25 pounds.
  • Protecting — proboscis monkeys only live in Borneo. It’s the only place they can survive.

From National Geographic:

The monkeys of the world are divided into two groups: the Old World monkeys of Africa and Asia and the New World monkeys of Central and South America. Geography isn’t their only difference however. Many Old World monkeys, like the proboscis, have long thick tails that help them balance while capering, crashing, and careening around the forest. In fact, the names of several monkeys in this family describe their distinctive appendages: stumptailed, pigtailed, and lion-tailed monkeys. In contrast, many New World monkeys, like the familiar spider monkey, have prehensile tails, used like hands and feet to help them grasp limbs, swing through the treetops, and even dangle upside down while eating.

I generally like National Geographic’s wildlife pages, but based on my experiences in Bako National Park, I disagree with Nat Geo in one key area on proboscis monkeys.

Common Name: Monyet Belanda
Genus: Nasalis

Proboscis Monkeys are only found in Borneo, adding to the excitement.

Video clip closeups from my first encounter with Proboscis Monkeys in the wild from my time in Malaysian Borneo:

Here’s a video clip of Proboscis Monkeys strolling through mangroves:

Find more of my proboscis monkey photography from my time in Borneo here.

There’s more info on the rare Proboscis Monkey on Wikipedia. You can also read more on National Geographic‘s proboscis monkey site.

Get inspired. (a tribute to photography)

I love this photography video!  It’s both beautiful and inspiring – a wonderful 1-minute tribute to photography. After watching I wanted to get out to take more photos.

This video is from Canon, from when they were releasing their  Canon EOS Rebel T4i, which is selling for ~$950 USD. I haven’t used the Canon EOS Rebel T4i or even researched it just yet – I just loved the travel photography video. Personally I’ve been a Nikon DSLR user – I’m actually about to start researching for my next DSLR again shortly.

High-fiving at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Obnoxious or Awesome – you be the judge!  I found this quite entertaining…

There’s only so many times you can stand in front of a tourist attraction and smile with your arms at your side, so it’s important to get creative. There’s some places in the world where everyone does the same pose.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa appears to be one of those, where everyone tries to take a photo holding it up.

In this clip, this guy jumps in and high fives people trying to line up for the standard pose at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Often I’d try to get creative, and see a bunch of copy-cats following the trend for the new pose, (you’ll see a bunch of these throughout my travel photos).  For example, here’s the link to see  me in Jumping Pics from Around the World

Thanks to Darius Groza for making the video.

New Year’s Eve: Sydney, Hong Kong, Taiwan

The New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration in Sydney (see below video) might just as impressive than my last two years of New Year’s.  Last year I kicked off my 5-month trip in Hong Kong for New Year’s Eve, and the year before I was in Taiwan. Both of their fireworks celebrations were impressive!  After being out of the country the past two years on New Year’s Eve, I’ll be back in New York City! Videos for all 3 are below

That might even be more impressive than my past two years – check out the videos, with fireworks coming from the sides of a building, I was just across the harbor – aka Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade. The Hong Kong skyline is one of the world’s best. I highlighted some of the Hong Kong architecture here. Happy New Year!

(click the bottom right corner to expand to full screen)

2009-2010 at “Tapei 101” – the largest building in Taiwan. At the time it was the largest in the world, but that lasted less than a month. Check it:

Hong Kong - International Commerce Center on New Year's Eve 2010-2011

NYE at the International Commerce Center in Hong Kong. Such a cool fireworks display!


Happy New Year from Hong Kong! 2010-2011
Hong King New Year’s Eve 2010-2011, from the Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade.


New Year's Eve in Sydney - firewords out of the Opera house and Syndey Bridge
New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia

My 1st cockfight

I went to my first cockfight, or “Sabong” as they call it (“tupada” if it’s an illegal cock fight), on the island of Bohol, in the Philippines. It’s as brutal as you might imagine – truly inhumane. Two roosters battle until death, or can’t fight anymore. These gamecocks are specifically bred their entire life for these fights. Each cock has a razor sharp blade (“gaff”) that’s 2-3″ long attached to their left leg. They’re fenced in a cockpit, and there’s a referee that seems to have exclusive authority on when to call a winner.

Cockfight - the aftermath. This is all that's left of this rooster. | Bohol, Philippines
Spoiler alert – this isn’t going to end well for one of the gamecocks. After this cockfight this is all that’s left of this rooster

People gather around the fenced cockpit cheer the cock that they’ve just bet on. And as you’ll notice from the below video clip, the betting is frantic!

Cockfight - betting and prefight sizing up | Cockfight in Bohol, Philippines
The predominantly male crowd frantically hustling to get their pre-fight bet in for the upcoming cockfight. There’s also kids in the crowd too. 

A guy standing next to us during the fight was telling us how the next fight on the card would be a good one, since both owners are known to raise birds that are tormented into significant aggression. He was visibly excited as he mentioned this. Umm…awesome (sarcasm).

The fight ends when one rooster dies, or is too weak or exhausted to fight (or in the case of the video above, runs away!).

Gamecock battle scars -- Rooster with gaff slices across its body | Cockfight in Bohol, Philippines

Gamecock battle scars — Rooster with gaff slices across its body

You stay classy, Philippines!

Video: Hong Kong’s NYE countdown to 2011

Hong Kong – Here’s the video clip I took from my New Year’s Eve celebration in Hong Kong -51 seconds. Watch fireworks come from the sides of a building – I’m not typically wowed by fireworks displays, but this was impressive. I shot this video from the Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD694gg4pwg

Hong Kong New Year's Fireworks
Hong Kong New Year's Eve 2010/2011, Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade, from the lens of Todd Cohen


Petra – singing from the mountain top

We stopped to enjoy the view of impressive Petra during our hike up, and stopped to appreciate a woman singing at the top of the mountain. It was one of those moments where she’s singing loudly at the top of the cliff, with her voice echoing all the way down to where we stopped, but nobody else seemed to notice.

If you know what she’s singing about, or even what language she’s singing in (Arabic?) please do let me know in the comments.