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19 Hours in Bahrain itinerary

Bahrain is a small country that’s packed with interesting places to stop by. Here’s a one day itinerary in Bahrain, with all the highlights.

my Bahrain itinerary – 1 day

My tour of Bahrain was really efficient! I landed in the early afternoon and had a flight out the next morning. My whole trip was just 19 hours but I made it count!  It’s a really small country, so I had a driver just drive me around to see the sites that I had picked out beforehand.

He was very proud of his country and tried to tell me about the history – I wish I could understand his English because he seemed to have a wealth of knowledge.

Architecture in 1-day Bahrain itinerary

The architecture in Bahrain is fascinating. There’s so many buildings that you’ll want to photograph and get a closer look at, especially at the harbor.

The Grand Al Fateh is gorgeous. My favorite is the Bahrain World Trade Center building. They’ve since also built a cork-screw building as well.  I’ve written more about it Bahrain architecture here, with photos of my top five.

Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque) in Bahrain
Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque), which includes the world’s largest fiberglass dome. Capacity = 7,000+.

Camels in your 1 day Bahrain itinerary

My surprise favorite was the “500 Camels” at the Bahrain Camel Farm.  My driver recommended this and it was a homerun! I’m so glad I took his advice. I outlined the story on how they ended up with so many camels on my full post on it too.

Camels in Bahrain - great addition to any Bahrain itinerary

your Bahrain itinerary needs these Camels

Skip the King’s Parking Lot

If they suggest visiting the “The King’s Parking Lot” you might assume there’s more to it. There’s not. You can safely skip that one.

My driver has lots of recommendations. After the Camel reco, I was willing to take a risk.

Where is Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island country of approximately 800,000 people. The name in Arabic is مملكة البحرين‎, Mamlakat al-Baḥrayn, literally translates to “Kingdom of the Two Seas”),

It’s a tiny country – while Bahrain is an archipelago of thirty-three islands, the largest (Bahrain Island) is 34 miles long by 11 miles wide. [wikipedia]

Location: it’s just east of Saudi Arabia, connected via the King Fahd Causeway, and north of Qatar(World Cup 2022) across the Gulf of Bahrain. It’s southwest of Iran, and northwest of the UAE (directly west of Dubai).

Bahrain map

We took a drive down the  King Fahd Causeway in Bahrain, headed  towards the Saudi Arabia border.

Currency in Bahrain


View of the Saudi Arabia border

When you’re in Bahrain, you might forget exactly how close we were to Saudi Arabia. They’re neighbors! In fact, much the Bahrain economy is connected to the Saudi economy

Saudi Arabia side of the border
Saudi Arabia side of the border

view from the lookout tower near Saudi Arabia

A rainbow of colors in the sky for the drive on the King Fahd Causeway!

a rainbow of colors in the sky for the drive on the King Fahd Causeway
a rainbow of colors in the sky for the drive on the King Fahd Causeway
signs to head to Saudi Arabia
street sign to Saudi Arabia from Bahrain
sunset from the highway

flight to Bahrain

Conclusion: 19 Hours in Bahrain itinerary

In conclusion, you can definitely get a good experience with a 1-day Bahrain itinerary.

Volcano Sulfur Mining at Kawah Ijen

Did you know you can hike a volcano and visit a sulfur mine?  Hike up to the top of the volcano at Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia. There you’ll find volcano sulfur mining. I found it fascinating!

Firstly, I’ll explain how it works and where you can find it. Next, I’ll explain what sulfur is used for. Then, I’ll provide some photos from my experience.

Where can you find Sulfur Mining?

Visit Indonesia in eastern Java, Indonesia. Upon arrival you can hike up to the top of Kawah Ijen volcano. Start your day early.

Also, ideally you’ll want to choose a clear day, since it’s overlooking the turquoise acid crater lake.

This sulfur mine has been active since 1968. There’s a labor intensive sulfur mining operation there with about 300 miners.

How Sulfur Mining works?

Miners extract the sulfur and carry it 8,660 feet up and down the mountain. These miners face excruciating heat, toxic fumes, and heavy loads.

In exchange the miners are rewarded with only about five dollars per trip.

Volcano Sulfur Mining photo tour

Sulfur Mining photos from our Kawah Ijen volcano adventure are below.

photos from Sulfur Mining at Kawah Ijen volcano in Java, Indonesia | Visit50.com

What is Sulfur mining used for?

The main use is in making chemicals for agriculture, mostly for fertilizers. Other uses of sulfur include refining petroleum, metal mining, and the production of organic and inorganic chemicals.

Sulfur mining at Kawah Ijen volcano | Java, Indonesia
looked like fire

Sulfur is called “Devil’s Gold” by some

Man carries sulfur up from the sulfur mine, around the mountain, and then down
Can I help you carry something?
miner carries sulfur down the mountain
guess not.

new friends from the Kawah Ijen volcano hike | Java, IndonesiaStanding in front of the sulfur mine at Kawah Ijen volcano | Java, Indonesia

fun at the Sulfur mine at Kawah Ijen volcano | Java, Indonesia 41

What does sulfur look like?

Sulfur is yellow in color. Sulfur’s odor is the most distinctive feature.

Holding sulfur at Kawah Ijen volcano | Java, Indonesia

the yellow brick road leads to... this -- a sulfur mine at Kawah Ijen volcano | Java, Indonesia
the “yellow brick road” leads to… this.

Why is sulfur in volcanoes?

Sulfur is produced by volcanoes because it’s common in our crust and upper mantle.
“Sulfur readily comes to the surface of our planet because it is a relatively light element. The sulfur is kept in a liquid form at the higher pressures within a magmatic body prior to eruption.” (Quora)
"eating" sulfur deposits at the Kawah Ijen volcano Kawah Ijen volcano
note – I don’t recommend eating sulfur deposits

Kawah Ijen – I certainly don’t recommend eating sulfur deposits

Sulfur is VERY heavy


Kawah Ijen - sulfur trek

Hike up Kawah Ijen volcano

As you hike up towards the peak of the Kawah Ijen volcano crater, visibility gets worse with each step.

Hiking up to see Kawah Ijen
Hiking up to see Kawah Ijen. Visibility declined rapidly – at one point I couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me!

Visibility and colors change with each step. The air gets more difficult to breathe you get towards the peak due to the sulfur.

Zero Visibility at the volcano

Kawah Ijen, turquose crater lake

Visit Kawah Ijen for the view of a turquoise crater lake surrounded by Volcanoes. After seeing this photo of Ijen I knew I wanted to visit! It looks gorgeous – a turquoise crater lake in the middle of a group of volcanoes.

Kawah Ijen

But manage your expectations, because you might end up with zero visibility like my experience.

We took a red-eye road trip to the base. Then, a difficult 2-hour drive up the mountain to the base. Next, a hike up where air that became more difficult to breathe. Additionally, the overcast sky became nothing but fog, with visibility only a few feet in some places. All we saw was this:

View from the top of the Ijen volcano
View from the top – you’ll have to use your imagination because this is all we saw.

More sulfur mining volcano photos

My favorite photos of Kawah Ijen come from the on the Boston Globe website, as well as photography of the sulfur mines at Ijen here, and here.

My favorite volcano experience was volcano boarding in Nicaragua. You can actually hike up the and go volcano sledding!