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Baby Monkeys in Borneo!

What’s the only thing more exciting than seeing animals in the wild?  Baby animals in the wild! Check out these photos of baby monkeys – baby long-tailed macaques:

Baby monkeys – Long-tailed macaques

Baby monkeys - baby long-tailed macaque hanging on to the mother long-tailed macaque in Borneo | Baby monkey in Bako National Park, Sarawak region of Malaysia, Asia

Most common monkey in Asia

Long-tailed macaques are the most commonly seen type of monkey in southeast Asia. I saw them all over Asia, from Indonesia to Cambodia to the Philippines.

Male members leave the group when they reach puberty, according to Wikipedia.  Long-tailed macaques are also called crab-eating macaques.

They are opportunistic omnivores and have been documented using tools to obtain food, according to the American Journal of Primatology.

Baby monkey - Photo of a baby long-tailed macaque hanging on to the mother long-tailed macaque in Borneo | Baby monkey in Bako National Park, Sarawak region of Malaysia, Asia
notice baby monkey’s little hands and feet grabbing on

These baby monkeys are so adorable. It’s easy to forget that they’re wild animals. Be careful out there!

Baby Monkeys in Borneo - crawling

Most of these photos are from seeing these baby long-tailed Macaques in Bako National Park, in Malaysian Borneo.

Baby Monkey protected by the parent in Borneo - Baby long-tailed macaques in Borneo, Bako, Malaysia

Tips for photographing wildlife

I find these little infant monkeys to be so adorable! If you come across baby wildlife in the wild, be aware of your surroundings. Mothers do not take kindly to anyone else in between them and their child!

adorable newborn monkey in Borneo

More baby wildlife

These baby monkeys in Borneo were cute. Here’s my favorite baby animals that I’ve seen wild so far.

Which set of baby wildlife photos did you like best?

monkey carrying her infant monkey

I find wildlife to be  fascinating, especially in their own habitat! I love going to zoos, but this is the wild!

For more posts about monkeys in the wild, I’ve set up a link here. Learn about:

Monkeys in Asia: Meet the Macaques

Monkeys in Asia

The most common type of monkeys in Asia is called a macaque. Long-tailed macaques are not shy at all. Sometimes these monkeys are also aggressive. Be careful!

Macaque monkey portrait

They’re not shy, and often allow you to get close. This makes for some wonderful closeup photos like this one (below) from Bako National Park.

group of macaque monkeys in Asia in Bali

Macaque Monkeys in Asia in Bako in Borneo
Some fellow travel photographers that read Visit50 suggested this pic as a cover photo for the next Lonely Planet

Another travel photographer said this wildlife shot of a long-tailed macaque (the monkey in the above photo) should be the next cover of Lonely Planet Borneo. Perhaps! I’m really flattered by the compliment! I need to thank the photogenic monkeys that were so kind to pose for me.

Getting this photo:

Shots like this are challenging, because this monkey doesn’t typically pose for you. Macro shots aren’t compatible with motion. Thus, you can’t predict eye contact from wildlife. You need to be in the right focus to have the monkey crisp with the background blurred. This helps the photo really pop! In contrast, I love the composition of the lower photo, but it requires zoom. This makes the depth of field much more flat.

Macaque monkey in Asia - this is in Malaysian Borneo on Bako Island

Pronunciation for the most common monkeys in Asia

Yes, the correct pronunciation for this monkey is actually Muh-kok. [Giggle giggle]

Macaque monkey eating lunch in Bali

Macaque Monkeys in Asia at Ulu Watu Visit50 - 3

Macaque monkeys in Asia on my trip

The monkey I saw most often on my trip through Asia was the macaque. When I first saw long-tailed macaques on the cliffs of Ulu Watu, in Bali Indonesia, I thought it was a rare opportunity. Then I saw plenty more throughout my trip. I soon learned they’re all over Asia!

met with monkeys in Asia

I’ve seen lots of wildlife in my trip – the baby orangutans, baby elephants, and baby monkeys (macaques) in Borneo were adorable!  I also saw other types of animals up close – camelstarsiersproboscis monkeyssharks, and more!

Wildlife section of my travel blog.

Click below for the Lonely Planet Borneo guide – I used a LP guide throughout my backpacking trip. And here’s more info on macaques.