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Jumping pics in beautiful Boracay

The crystal clear water in Boracay, Philippines, is a great setting for an impromptu photo shoot of jumping pics!  Here are a few of the photos we took on Boracay’s White Beach (at Station Two) – jumping photos in beautiful Boracay. Enjoy!

Gabbi jumping pics in beautiful Boracay Philippines
Gabbi jumping in beautiful Boracay, Philippines

So excited to jump into the water in beautiful Boracay Philippines - 003

The clear water reminded me of the Caribbean. Some islands in Thailand are also this beautiful. So much fun!

Sarah's jumping photo in Boracay Philippines
Sarah jumping in beautiful Boracay, Philippines

me! Jumping out of the crystal clear water in beautiful Boracay, PhilippinesI took fun jumping pics in beautiful Boracay as well as nearly every country I visited. Check out the jumping pics I’ve posted so far.

Also, I’ve created JumpingATW on Instagram to feature the best jumping photos from around the world. These aren’t just my jumping photos – it’s from travelers all around the world. Join the adventure!