Rockstars in Cebu!

Cebu, Philippines – We’re rockstars in Cebu!  Or at least we felt like rockstars – people constantly ask if they could pose with us for a photo.

Like my experience in Macau and Taiwan, a group of two or three would stare at us for a bit, then eventually show us their camera and ask us to take a photo. This made sense to me, because they may have seen me using my SLR camera and assumed I knew what I was doing. I quickly learned that they didn’t want me behind the camera, they wanted me in the photo, with their group, and then they’d each want every possible combination of people in photos with me, and then they’d each want individual shots.

Then their friends would come join – for the below photo their group grew to 40+. We thought it was hilarious!

Rockstars in Cebu, Phillippines
David (from England), Raymond (from Holland), and I (United States), with 40 of our new fans!

Maybe they all thought we were famous?  Shockingly this doesn’t happen to me in the New York City. [sarcasm]

We tried to remain enthusiastic for them, but we had been traveling for 9 hours that day and had already taken 30 photos with this group by the time this pic was taken.

This didn’t happen everywhere we went – but it’s always surprising. Even police officers stopped us on the beach to take a photo with us. Welcome to the Philippines!


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