Own a Private Island!

Ever dreamed of owning a private island?  Apparently they’re available for sale.

Guess where in the world this exotic location is…

East Sister Rock Island Florida - Visit50.com
East Sister Rock Island – now you know what to get me for the holidays…

Florida. You can own a private island in Florida!

How expensive is it?

Yeah that’s right, right here in the United States. For just $12 million you can own East Sister Rock Island off the coast of Florida, which comes with its own moat. Act now and they’ll even throw in the 5,000 foot home and a helipad. It’s a bargain!

Want to buy it? I thought they were kidding, but you can now rent it here from their website.

Apparently there are entire sites dedicated to listings of private islands. Thanks to Amateur Traveler for inspiring this post.

I’ve covered some fascinating islands on Visit50. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • Bocas Del Toro, an archipelago in Panama
  • Easter Island in Chile, with 887 monumental statues across the island
  • Malapascua Island, where I went Diving with thresher sharks in
  • Malapascua Island in the Philippines, where I went diving with Thresher Sharks!
  • Mabul Island in Malaysian Borneo with kids that loved doing a fun photoshoot
  • Sipapdan Island, a beautiful island with the best diving in the world. Amazing diving


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