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Are you headed to Bahrain? I’ll share everything from my trip. This includes staples like the currency, and stories like how I ended up at a Bahrain camel farm.

Here’s some of the top posts from Bahrain:

500 Camels – my surprising favorite Bahrain experience was something that wasn’t even on my list! The Bahrain Camel Farm has so many camels

Bahrain World Trade Center – my favorite building in all of Bahrain! It has twin wind turbines in the between the two towers.

Architecture in Bahrain – here’s the top 5 buildings in Bahrain.  I was fascinated by them!

2 security checks. Really??

There’s enough natural frustrations with travel without adding extra unnecessary ones. Adding two security checks in the airport felt excessive.

Two security checks in the airport

After an 8-hour layover in the Kuala Lumpur airport, it was time to head to Bahrain, a small country bordering Saudi Arabia.  Among the many security policies I find to be annoying are the policy for liquids. I finished my water, passed through security, and bought more water for the flight after passing through security.  Then came the surprise – the gate had their own security check with the same no-liquid policy. Really?  Is that needed?  After passing through, you’re basically quarantined at the gate, with no access to water or bathrooms until you can get on the plane.

We’re heading to the Middle East, so I guess two security checkpoints feels like a great idea. But it’s a long flight so not being able to have water is a challenge. They’ll bring you a little 6oz cup of water when they offer drinks. Awesome. Thanks Gulf Air!  Eck.  I had looked them up and they actually came highly rated online so we’ll see.