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Are you headed to Bahrain? I’ll share everything from my trip. This includes staples like the currency, and stories like how I ended up at a Bahrain camel farm.

Here’s some of the top posts from Bahrain:

500 Camels – my surprising favorite Bahrain experience was something that wasn’t even on my list! The Bahrain Camel Farm has so many camels

Bahrain World Trade Center – my favorite building in all of Bahrain! It has twin wind turbines in the between the two towers.

Architecture in Bahrain – here’s the top 5 buildings in Bahrain.  I was fascinated by them!

Bahrain Travel Fail: King’s Parking Lot

Most of my Bahrain trip was awesome, but there was one that didn’t work out. This post is about my Bahrain travel fail, when I visited The King’s Parking Lot.

You probably know which things in your city that a visitor might find interesting. But – imagine if you had never met someone visiting as a tourist. Could you guess what they’d want to see and experience?

My Bahrain travel fail: The Kings Parking Lot

If you want to see everything in a country in just 7 hours of daylight, you have to be organized. Thus on my flight over, I put together a list of places I wanted to visit . Then I mapped them to see if it was feasible. Upon arrival I always try to get local feedback, because often there’s a gem that just doesn’t get publicized.

I hired a taxi driver to tour me around for the day, and he offered to show me some great places that “you can’t leave Bahrain without seeing.” Outstanding! That’s precisely what I was looking for.

However, it appears that his idea of the can’t miss sights greatly differed from mine. He had such a tremendous respect for the Bahrain King and it appears that may have influenced his perspective.

What to see in Bahrain

I saw three types of Bahrain tourist sites.

My pre-arrive plan on what to see

The largest list was what I had on my list already. I put this list together on flight over.

Some of my Bahrain trip included sites that I had researched before the trip. This included fascinating architecture marvels like the Bahrain World Trade Center with wind turbines connected to the building structure.

Great additions from my driver / tour guide

Some were great additions from my driver. I hadn’t heard of what he referred to as the “500 Camels” but it turned out to be a surprising highlight of my Bahrain trip.

Additions from my driver tour guide – Bahrain travel fail

If their recommendations work out, you’ll be more likely to try more. But not every suggestion is going to work out.

For example, he asked, have you ever been to the “King’s Lot” ? It sounded like I was missing but I was so excited about how well his last suggestion worked out. I mapped it, and it’s not that far from my next destination.

We arrived and it’s …a parking lot. I assumed I was missing something. The King often uses this parking lot when he visits this area.  “And we’re standing in it right now!” He was so excited! I figured I heard him wrong, but he repeated it a bunch of times.

It looks like every other parking lot you’ve seen.  A parking lot?

There is a reverence for the royalty that I may not understand. I took a few photos in case I’d catch something more interesting when I review them later. I didn’t. This was my Bahrain travel fail.

The travel fail lesson

People in countries that aren’t well traveled might have trouble imagining what a traveler might find interesting. In this case, my driver was guessing. He’s a driver by profession, but had never met a foreigner coming to Bahrain for anything other than meetings. Thus he hadn’t he could only guess what someone visiting might find interesting.

Still these are all part of traveling. Take calculated risks and talk with locals about where to go.

Bahrain map

Bahrain Architecture

I found the Bahrain architecture to be impressive! I’ll introduce my top 5 favorite buildings in Bahrain.

Bahrain Bay Four Seasons – best new Bahrain architecture

Bahrain loves multi-tower buildings! Check out the new Bahrain Bay Four Seasons building. This 68 floor building is interesting too. They have their own a private 12-acre man-made island!

The designer is SOM. Beautiful! It’s new. See below.

Bahrain Bay Four Seasons Hotel
Bahrain Bay Four Seasons Hotel

United Tower aka The Twisting Tower / Wyndham

The United Tower looks so interesting. It’s also known as the Twisting Tower, and Wyndham Grand Manama. The 50-story United Tower looks like a huge drill.

United Tower in Bahrain
United Tower in Bahrain

Apparently this twist style of design is not only on the Bahrain architecture. It’s also all around the world. Check out this below info graphic:

graphic on twisted buildings

Thanks to Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat for the info graphic.

Grand Mosque aka Al Fateh Mosque

  • The Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque) is the largest place of worship and among the largest mosques in the world!
  • The dome is the largest fibreglass dome in the world
  • The mosque covers 6,500 square meters. It can accommodate more than 7000 worshippers at a time.
  • The Grand Mosque is named after Ahmed Al Fateh, the conqueror of Bahrain.
  • The Grand Mosque of Fateh is also known as Al Fateh Islamic Centre and Al Fateh Mosque.
  • Where to find the Grand Mosque? The mosque is located next to the King Faisal Highway. That’s in Juffair, Manama.

More info at wikipedia.

Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque)
Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque), which includes the world’s largest fiberglass dome. Capacity = 7,000+.

Bahrain World Trade Center – most impressive?

My favorite was the Bahrain World Trade Center, with wind turbines between the twin towers. Awesome!

Bahrain World Trade Center with wind turbines Visit50
Bahrain World Trade Center, with 90 foot wind turbines between the towers
Impressive architecture! Bahrain World Trade Center - Twin skyscrapers
Bahrain World Trade Center – Twin skyscrapers

One more building with architecture worth enjoying below.

building in Bahrain

Favorite Bahrain architecture

I love all five of these. Which is your favorite?

I really loved my day in Bahrain – fortunately I was there before the Middle East fell apart

For more on Bahrain architecture news here.