Malaysian street food in Kuala Lumpur

Best Malaysian street food dishes

The Malaysian street food and seafood markets are cheap and yummy! In this post I’ll show you both.

Malaysian food mixes in so many cultures—Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and more—that you could never appreciate them all in one sitting. So bring your appetite!

Malaysian street food stands

You choose the food from the stand, and they cook it up. Some have a colored stick system. In these, each color represents a different price. You pay based on how many pieces of each color.

Malaysian street food in Kuala Lumpur
You choose it, they cook it. They charge you by the color of the stick. Prawns, chicken, corn, pork, et al

Malaysian street food on my plate

Here’s a quick tip for you if you go to eat Malaysian street food.  While sometimes the restaurant includes tables, don’t expect napkins too. Thus, I suggest bringing your own.

In the below photo, you’ll notice this seafood market has forks. However, this isn’t expected. Also, don’t expect soap in the bathroom.  You’ll certainly want to bring your hand sanitizer too. And those cucumbers aren’t for eating. I explain why, along with lots of tips on eating with your hands in Malaysia here.

plate of Malaysian food in KL

Malaysia is known for their delicious Malaysian cuisines. Check out Laksa, Manok pansoh, Kolok Mee, and more. Eat your way around Malaysia!

my new friends in KL

Malaysian seafood markets

You’ll love their seafood markets all over Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia. They’ll set these up anywhere.

For example, they took over the roofdeck of a parking garage, and turned it into a fish market. That place set up a dozen mini-restaurant vendors like a food court in a mall. It offers seafood that’s fresh, cheap, and yummy! That’s a winning combo!

fish at the Malaysian fish market in Borneo
do any of these look like dinner to you?
fish in net at the malasian seafood market
that one!
malaysian fish dinner cooked up
dinner is served

I recommend trying the Laksa, Manok pansoh, Kolok Mee, and more.

I’ll update this post with info on each. In the meantime, here’s a good resource that gives their favorite Malaysian food dishes.

Malaysia Roast Pork at Yut Kee, a traditional coffeehouse (or kopitiam) in Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Roast Pork at Yut Kee, a traditional coffeehouse (or kopitiam) in Kuala Lumpur

Budget Travel had a good article on Malaysia as Malaysia: Southeast Asia’s Next Great Foodie Destination.


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