Jumping for Peace Lennon Wall Prague

Jumping for Peace at the Lennon Wall

We had so much fun jumping at the Lennon Wall in Prague! What’s your signature pose when you visit new countries? Let’s go jumping for peace.

Jumping at the Lennon Wall in Prague!

The colorful Lennon Wall is one of Prague’s many attractions. I’ve already written about the rich history, so this post is on the photogenic background. Soak up the significance or just enjoy the colors of free speech!

Jumping for Peace Lennon Wall in Prague

What is the Lennon Wall?

The John Lennon Wall in Prague (Czech Republic) is named after former Beatles singer John Lennon. It’s been a home to messages of peace, free speech, and non-violent rebellion (as well as some Beatles lyrics) since the 1980’s.

Lennon’s message of free speech resonated with young Czechs, who made the wall into a tribute to Lennon. The government would paint it white, but within days it would be filled with more words of peace. I wrote about the history of the Lennon Wall here.

The Importance of Free Speech

As a travel writer and citizen, free speech is immensely important to me. I’ve been to places without free speech or freedom of the press. China might be the worst offender here. It was startling being in a place where people can’t say certain things in public, out of fear of punishment from the state. I can only imaging how significant the Lennon Wall is to people that grew up in Communist Czech.

Photos: Jumping for Peace at the Lennon Wall!

These jumps are in support of the Czech youth. They would sneak to the Lennon Wall in the night to put words of peace back on it, despite the risks of getting thrown in jail. In the meantime, enjoy some fun jumping photos at the Lennon Wall!

Everybody's Jumping for Peace in Prague

Jumping at the Lennon Wall in Prague

After a few jumps, everybody wanted in on the fun jumping photos. Come join!

Jumping with new friends at the Lennon Wall in Prague

Weeee! Jumping for Peace

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Lennon Wall in Prague Czech

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