Which camera should I buy?

“I love your photos – which camera should I buy?” That’s the question I keep getting. After looking at my photography, I’ve received lots of emails asking which cameras I use and which I’d recommend you buy. I’ll periodically update this page – pricing was accurate as of July’13.

For my needs, there’s two types of cameras required –

– DSLR – for speed and movement, highest quality. Whether you’re photographing people and pets or wildlife and sports, if it’s moving, you’ll want a DSLR. DSLR’s are really easy to use on the basic settings (which is what you’ll use most of the time if you’re not that into it anyway).

– Pocketable compact – since a DSLR won’t fit in my pocket, I probably wouldn’t have any camera better than my cellphone, which is inadequate.

Which camera to buy?  This depends on your needs. Nearly every camera on the market will have the ability to produce good photos in optimal lighting conditions. It’s when you take a camera indoors or have more challenges that cameras are truly tested. Since my of my photos are indoors, my point-and-shoot compact choice is essential.

Most of my photos were taken with a D40 DSLR (Nikon has much better models for better pricing now) and an S95 for pocketable camera – Canon has since come out with two newer models. They’re only slightly more expensive than most digital compact cameras but are soooooo much better. I’m a fan.

I love my S95, and now they came out with the Canon PowerShot S110 – $350. Links: (S110 – Black), (S110 in White), (S110 in Silver)

And prices dropped to $300 on the Canon PowerShot S100

From David Pogue: I bought the amazing Canon S100, a tiny pocket camera with the biggest sensor on the market. I wrote about my reasons here.”

Is the Canon S110 the best pocketable camera on the market?
Is the Canon S110 the best pocketable camera on the market?


At the time I also considered the LX5 but it’s not as pocketable as the S95. Very similar – I haven’t compared the size of the new models. Their latest model is the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K for $376

If you want to spend more for a better camera, this Pogue loves this one:  Sony DSC-RX100 – $650 or so

The best point and shoot camera on the market appears to be the Fujifilm X100S but it’s $1200.

The coolest camera on the market might be the Lytro Light Field Camera – you can change the point of focus after you shoot. So cool! – $400


For DSLR’s – I’m about to start shopping for mine, and the Nikon D3100 DSLR  may be my choice for value here – $446. It was $700 when it hit the market. I’m just starting my research and there may be better values if some of the newer models dropped in price. I’ll update this page.


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