Jordanian Dinars – the currency in Jordan

Currency in Jordan

Jordanian Dinars, the currency in Jordan. It doesn't list the amount (in english) on both sides of each bill. Challenges...
Jordanian Dinars. It doesn’t list the amount (in english) on both sides of each bill. Challenges…

The money in Jordan would be so much easier to work with if they used standard english numbers on both sides of the dinars. Every country has their own language, but as someone that can’t read Arabic, I found this aspect of Jordanian currency to be challenging.

Around HK

Hong Kong had a snowflake theme for New Year's 2010-2011
Hong Kong had a snowflake theme for New Year’s 2010-2011

Roasted chestnuts sold as street food in Hong Kong, stir friedwith coals for that charred taste. I wasn't a fan.

Roasted Chestnuts were among the many street snacks I had in Hong Kong, along with Fish Balls, Cart Noodles, Wonton Noodles, and Put Chai Ko.

Most interesting street snack tried in HK: deep fried pig intestine, skewered on a stick

I did NOT attempt to have stinky tofu again (fermented tofu are cut, skewered on a stick, and then deep fried. It’s revolting!). That remains a black eye from my Taiwan night market experience. My nostrils are still recovering.

Photo: Hong Kong's subway
HK has a great subway system – easy to understand, quick to get nearly anywhere, and inexpensive. New York has a long way to go to catch up.
Please tell me that’s not what it looks like…
Snowflakes everywhere…
Apparently that’s who you hire when you need security for a huge event like NYE

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