Travel Trivia Showdown!

Travel Trivia time!  How much do you know about the world?  Test your knowledge here, with this 6 question trivia quiz from Tripping. Let me know how you do!

1.  How often is the Eiffel Tower painted?

2. What city is sinking 10 times faster than Venice?

Hint: I’ve been there, although I didn’t know that little factoid at the time.

3.  What is the deepest part of the world’s oceans?

4.  What is the official language of Suriname?  [Suriname is the smallest independent country in South America, and one of the most multilingual societies in the world]

5.  What is the original name of the city most of us now simply refer to as Buenos Aires, Argentina?

6. What country has more volcanoes than any other?  

Hint: I’ve been there at the beginning of my trip and mentioned it on this travel blog,

For the answers, go to this link at travel community site, I got just 2 out of 6 correct.