The King’s Parking Lot

If you want to see everything in a country in just 7 hours of daylight, you have to be organized, and thus on my flight over I put together a list of places I wanted to visit and mapped them to see if it was feasible. Upon arrival I always try to get local feedback, because often there’s a gem that just doesn’t get publicized.

I hired a taxi driver to tour me around for the day, and he offered to show me some great places that “you can’t leave Bahrain without seeing.” Outstanding! That’s precisely what I was looking for.   However, it appears that his idea of the can’t miss sights greatly differed from mine. He had such a tremendous respect for the Bahrain King and it appears that may have influenced his perspective.  For example, he took me to the parking lot of a old building that the King typically uses when he visits this area.  I figured I heard him wrong, but he repeated it a bunch of times.  It looks like every other parking lot you’ve seen.  A parking lot?

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  1. That sounds about right. It would be like someone coming to NY, and me showing them NYSC & Tasti Delite. All a matter of personal preference!

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