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6 Places Germs Breed In A Plane

If you ever fly, this is disturbing. It might make you want to take a shower right now. Did you think the water the flight attendant served you was clean?  That pillow that came wrapped in plastic might be gift-wrapped bacteria. This article addresses those, as well as tray tables, seat pockets, and even the food.

6 Places Germs Breed In A Plane: Beware of airplane water, tray tables, seat pockets, pillows and lavatories

We dug deep to identify the major germ zones on planes (and tips to avoid them). No, you’re not likely to contract meningitis, but better safe than sorry, right?

GERM ZONE: seat pocket
FOR: Cold and influenza A, B, and C viruses

There’s a familiar routine to settling in on a plane: Store your luggage in the overhead bin and deposit any personal items you want to be readily available in your seat pocket. But reaching into that pocket is akin to putting your hand in someone else’s purse and rummaging among their used tissues and gum wrappers. Toenail clippings and mushy old French fries are even nastier surprises that have been found in seat pockets. Consider that cold and influenza viruses can survive for hours on fabric and tissues, and even longer (up to 48 hours) on nonporous surfaces like plastic and metal — and you realize that you might pick up more than that glossy flight magazine when you reach inside.