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Sunset Silhouettes – Boracay Beaches

Sunset Silhouettes!

Imagine visiting a place where every afternoon was the most amazing sunset you’ve ever seen…until the next day. Boracay island might be paradise, and made for some amazing sunset silhouettes.  Loved it!

Sunset Silhouettes - Boracay Beach Paradise!
this is one of my favorite photos from Boracay – I want to go back!

Boracay was easily my favorite part of the Philippines. We saw some of the most amazing sunsets – this post has some of my favorites.

Sunset Silhouettes - Boracay Beach Kodak Moment, Philippines
definately a “Kodak moment!”

Nearly every day in Boracay finished with one of the most beautiful sunsets I’d ever seen!

Frisbee Silhouettes! The Boracay beaches were fairly empty until around 5pm, when the sun began to set
Frisbee Silhouettes! The Boracay beaches were fairly empty until around 5pm, when the sun began to set

the gorgeous sky made for some awesome sunset silhouettes in Boracay Philippines

The gorgeous Boracay sky turned orange, red and purple, and made for some awesome sunset silhouettes.

Sunset Silhouettes - Boracay Beach -008
These kids were adorable!

capturing the sunburst in my hand

There’s nothing quite like experiencing a breathtaking sunset.

Julian captures the Boracay sunset with his SLR
My friend Julian captures the Boracay sunset with his SLR. We couldn’t get enough of these

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Julian enjoys the sunset in Boracay

7 Jumping sunset silhouettes

The sunsets were gorgeous in  BoracayPhilippines, and made a great setting for an impromptu photo shoot of sunset silhouette jumping pics!

Just before a sunset silhouette jumping pic in Boracay, Philippines
Just before a sunset silhouette jumping pic…
The sky was beautiful and gradually changed colors as the sun set
The sky was beautiful and gradually changed colors as the sunset
Air Todd - I'm flying!
Air Todd – I’m flying!

Jumping in the Philippines

Jumping pics - Boracay sunset

Jumping sunset silhouette pics in Boracay, Philippines, with kids jumping in the background
Notice the kids in the background joining in as I jump
The Boracay sunset was such an interesting mix of colors
The Boracay sunset was such an interesting mix of vibrant colors

Is Boracay too touristy?

Boracay Too Touristy?

Is Boracay too touristy and overcrowded? That’s all perspective.  That’s what local Filipinos say about it, but that certainly doesn’t apply to their gorgeous beaches. While Boracay is the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines, it seems like half the tourists are  focused on avoiding  the sun. When I was there, the beaches were wide open when the sun was out, 10am – 4pm.
Here are photos of Boracay at different times of the day – it was completely empty at 1pm. By 5pm people start coming out, and by 6pm people are out to enjoy the sunset and post-sunset.

Boracay at 5:56 PM [17:58]

Boracay has some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. Amazing!
Beautiful Boracay
This is as crowded as I ever saw it in Boracay – people waited until the sun set and the clouds covered the sky to come out and enjoy.
Boracay at 1:14 PM:
does this look overcrowded?
This photo may look like it was taken of a private beach, but it’s actually beautiful Boracay in the Philippines. It didn’t get much more crowded than this… 
Boracay too touristy and overcrowded? No way! This is a 1pm in the afternoon
Boracay’s beautiful empty beaches

Boracay at 6:08 AM / 6:08:

At 6am for sunrise, young people are just getting back home from the bars after a night of dancing.

Philippine Sunrise Sunsets – Bohol, Boracay, & Malapascua

Boracay, Bohol, and Malapascua, Philippines – some of the best sunsets from my trip were in the Philippines – here’s three from the beach at three different popular islands in the Philippines. Vote for your favorite paradise in the Philippines!

Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol

Bohol sunset - Philippines - Visit50
My last sunset in Bohol - the views in the Philippines got even better from here

Boracay sunsets had intense, vibrant colors, nearly every day I was there. Here’s one taken from the beach at station two:

Boracay sunset - Philippines
I have tons of better Boracay sunsets - almost every day people would gather to watch the sky's brilliant colors


Malapascua – brilliant purple sky!

Purple Sky -- Malapascua sunset (Philippines)
Malapascua was a surprising gem on my trip.

Which sunset (or sunrise) from the Philippines did you like best?