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SCUBA Diving — PADI Open Water Certified

Mother Nature did not cooperate for my trip to Bali, Indonesia, and after attempting to spend the day at a beach with overcast, I decided it might be better to use the time in Bali productively. When you’re under water, a little drizzle really doesn’t matter.

After 3 days of classes, I’m now PADI certified for open water dives!   Most courses have you stuck in a classroom all day, but my instructor just took the classroom experience on the road, with 1on1 instruction on a 2-hour car ride and then at the beach. After knowledge development, we moved on to confined water dives, and then finally open water dives.
Why and what is means: Getting PADI certified will make going SCUBA diving quicker (no mandatory beginner course each time), sometimes cheaper, and give me the ability to go to depths you can’t w/o it. Some of the best sites in the world are only visible from deep in the water, so without it you’d never see them.

While Belize has some of the best diving in the world at the “Blue Hole,”  Johnie and I weren’t PADI certified and thus couldn’t see it. You can see great photos of it on this site: