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Petra – singing from the mountain top

We stopped to enjoy the view of impressive Petra during our hike up, and stopped to appreciate a woman singing at the top of the mountain. It was one of those moments where she’s singing loudly at the top of the cliff, with her voice echoing all the way down to where we stopped, but nobody else seemed to notice.

If you know what she’s singing about, or even what language she’s singing in (Arabic?) please do let me know in the comments.

Roman acoustics – ancient Gerasa’s surprisingly modern technology

I’m continually impressed by the sophistication of technology from years back. Most theaters have points marked before a performance on where to stand, but this was done for acoustics. The Romans built this theater in such a way that there’s a point in the front where simply talking will be loud enough for the whole audience to hear, as if you’re speaking into a microphone with speakers. Natural amplification!  Do modern theaters and public speaking places do this?  Obviously I tried it – while we were talking I stepped on the marked square and people that were in the upper deck could hear me without raising my voice. I wish I had a photo of the startled look of the tourists taking photos from the top. See below.