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Indonesian BBQ fish – innovative grilling

I take photos of nearly every meal when I’m traveling and some readers* have  requested more photos of them. So, by popular demand, this post is on the Indonesian  BBQ fish we had in Java.

After a day of hiking up a volcano, we were ready for a post-volcano feast.  Travel is about pushing the envelope on your comfort zone, and this is a great example. We went to an authentic Indonesian BBQ fish place (seafood) – located outside at a Shell gas station! It turned out to be delicious! 

Photo tour of our Indonesian BBQ fish experience:

Dina featuring her new henna at our Indonesia BBQ fish dinner
Dina featuring her new henna at dinner
The waving method of grilling

Their method of grilling was a bit different than what I’m used to. They put the fish (in this case, red snapper, caught that morning) in between the 2 metal racks and put it on the grill, and then constantly fan it. I’ve posted photos here:

Indonesian BBQ fish - they use this waving method to grill
they wave air to the grill’s fire
Indonesian BBQ fish - very different than the grills we use
That’s our snapper on the grill

Costs:  dinner for 4 for under $8!

The delicious Red Snapper was in 2 types of marinade and turned out to be one of the best meals I’ve had! I bought dinner for the group, which included the fish, rice, veges, chili, and drinks, et al. Total bill for our Indonesian BBQ fish was $72,000 IDR (~$7.50 or so). I love Indonesia!


It’s so interesting to see a place with both Portugese (It’s a former Portugese colony) & Chinese influences. The best site by far is the Ruins of the Church of St Paul (photos below).

The Ruins of the Church of St Paul
The Ruins of the Church of St Paul - built in 1617. Some consider these ruins to be greatest monument to Christianity in Asia. In 1835 a fire destroyed nearly everything besides the facade pictured here.

Purple eyes!
Hmmm...shall I order A Stomach of Ox or Pork Intestine?
you choose it, they cook it