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Flight from Bahrain to Jordan on Gulf Air

After the craziness on my first flight on Gulf Air, they redeemed themselves with this wonderfully comfortable and uneventful flight.

This plane was modern and the seat design seemed very innovative – there was plenty of leg room because the area for the tray table and magazines was set higher than most airplane seats. Why doesn’t every airline do it this way?

The next post will be from Jordan – so excited for Petra!

7 Flights in 2 Weeks

For those of you keeping score at home, at this point of the trip I’ve been on 7 flights with 5 different airlines (Air Canada, China Air, Garuda Air, Air Asia, Gulf Air), and been through 8 airports (Newark, Vancouver, Beijing, Hong Kong, Denspasar/Bali (Indonesia), Surabaya (on Java, Indonesia), 2 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bahrain. Compared with our domestic airlines in the US (I’m talking to you AA & Delta!), when you fly international airlines the experience is typically sooo much better, even for comparable distances. So maybe this past one was my lucky #7.

Smoke on my Flight to the Middle East

This was my first time heading to the Middle East, and the flight from KL to Bahrain was easily the worst international flight I’ve taken.  Please pardon the upcoming rant. Like many flights, this was a packed plane with seats crammed together like cattle in coach. The guy in front of me reclined so much that the seat slammed against me every time he repositioned. There was no room to even open my tray table if I wanted to.  This creates a chain reaction where everyone reclines just to have room, but do so at your own peril since people sitting behind tend to fight back.  There was no support on my seat either. My seat kept getting kicked, pushing me forward into the one in front of me.  As people walked down the aisle they’d grab and pull the seats next to them for balance, which would jerk the whole seat back.