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Honeymoon Around the World

Mega-moon: Honeymoon Around the World

Most couples go on their honeymoon for a week or two, or if they’re really lucky, maybe three weeks at most.  Imagine taking an entire year off to travel around the world, together. Take a honeymoon around the world trip. It’s a mega-moon!

I first heard of this concept from a German couple we met during our thresher shark dive in Malapascua, in the Philippines. After getting married, newlyweds Sandra and Chris left their home in Germany and began a honeymoon backpacking adventure around the world together. Amazing experience!

Chris and Sandra took their honeymoon around the world. It's a mega-moon!
ATW Honeymoon! Chris and Sandra after our thresher shark dive in the Philippines

Most people are surprised to learn that it really doesn’t have to cost a lot to travel, especially in places like southeast Asia.  The big savings comes from lodging – Chris and Sandra were spending less than $15/night when we met them in Malapascua, in the Philippines. Consider how much you pay in rent – and imagine how far that money would go towards travel.