Spontaneous 7-hour Road Trip

Time to move Plan B – Gunung Bromo trip is canceled. Ahhh!  Bromo’s an active volcano, and it’s been particularly active recently, so we were told it’s just not safe. Roads are closed off and you can’t get anywhere remotely near to see it.  [Note to Indonesia: please set up a website that gets updated with this sort of information. It would go a looooong way towards making you a tourist-friendly country. Thanks.].

Plan B was to go to Ijen, a group of stratovolcanoes on the same island of Java, in Indonesia.  Our target was Kawah Ijen, a beautiful volcano with a turquoise-colored acid crater lake.

At 11pm we – Nadya, her cousin Dina, and Dina’s friend Afit – all hopped in the car. Now there’s a slight language barrier so perhaps I didn’t completely understand. I thought we were heading out to get food, and it turns out we had started driving towards Kawah Ijen. It’s a 7 hour drive!  5 hours just to the base of the mountain where we’d change cars.

Again on the drive I pause for a moment to appreciate the situation. I just met them. I met Nadya a few days ago Bali. I met her cousin and friend that night, and they decided to just hop in the car for a 7-hour road trip, on a Monday!  Yes they both have jobs – but worked it out. Spontaneous!

I met Dina and Afit in the afternoon, and that night he was kind enough to drive us 7 hours so we could see Kawa Ijen volcano.


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