Rent Liechtenstein for $70k per night

Liechtenstein Offers Entire Country For Rent — Now that we’ve passed “Black Friday,” Americans are scrambling to shop for the perfect gift. That got me thinking – what do rich people buy for the people that have everything?  How about renting an entire country? I’m not kidding!

You might remember reading that Snoop Dogg tried to rent out the entire European country of Liechtenstein (between Austria and Switzerland, population=33,000), for a music video earlier this year, but was of course denied, but here’s the twist. They only said no due to timing. They would have accepted his offer if they had more notice.  It’s well-known as a tax-haven for the wealthy, but what if they actually made the entire country available for a fee?  So the Snoop offer got Lichtenstein thinking about the marketing and revenue opportunities, and now they’re putting the entire country on the market for $70,000 per night.

What do you get for a $70k rental fee?

Vaduz Castle - available for rent along with the entire country of Liechtenstein for $70k/night!

Renaming city streets and town squares, printing your own temporary currencies, and carving logos into the snow on the mountainside is just the beginning. You can also choose to be welcomed with a custom medieval festival, or be greeted by marching bands and mayors who will present you with the key to the city. Renters can sip wine at the Prince’s estate while being wowed by a fireworks show.

They will have the run of the land and use of the country’s police, even though Liechtenstein has one of the lowest crime rates in the area. The new temporary ‘owners’ of country will be presented with a symbolic key to the country in a ceremony at the state parliament. Guests will be treated to wine-tasting from the Prince of Liechtenstein’s personal cellar, skiing and a sumptuous dinner overlooking Vaduz Castle.

Oddly enough, though you can do all these exciting things and have exceptional treatment, the amenities tab under Liechtenstein’s page says there’s no smoking allowed in the country. I like them already!

It has 500+ bedrooms, and the minimum stay is two nights. The rental rates start at $70,000 a night to accommodate 150 people, which includes catering and “basic branding.”  Two night minimum stay.

Unfortunately, people who might have wanted some privacy will be disappointed as the country’s 30,000 population will be allowed to stay.

The rental offer comes from Liechtenstein-based marketing firm Rent a Village by Xnet and Airbnb, which also has 10 European villages on its books. So, if renting an entire country is too extravagant or cost-prohibitive, there is always the option of renting a village in Austria or Switzerland for a mere $60,000 per night. What a perfect Christmas or Channukah gift!  File this one under, “must be nice…”

Liechtenstein on Wikipedia.

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