Probiscus Monkey eating

Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo: never seen monkeys like these

What’s a Proboscis Monkey? Since they’re only found in Borneo, you probably haven’t seen them before, so I’ll start with some photography from my trip to Bako National Park, in the Sarawak region of Malaysia in Borneo (full post on proboscis monkeys can be found here).  Like my orangutan encounter the day before (including baby orangutans!), I was just steps away from these rare creatures, giving me plenty of opportunity to observe and photograph. I did plenty of both!

After seeing what Probiscus Monkeys look like, and I was fascinated and wanted to learn more about them. I’ll share what I learned in the next posts, which will include proboscis monkey facts and proboscis monkey photos.

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    I am writing to ask permission to use the top proboscis monkey photo (eating leaves) in a prestigious, peer-reviewed publication. If interested, please email me ASAP and I can share more info.

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