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Philippine Tarsier – world’s cutest primate?

Philippine Tarsier – for a moment I thought I met real Gremlins!  Introducing the extremely rare Philippine Tarsier, one of the smallest primates on earth.  Tarsiers have enormous sized eyes, which are as large as their brains. Some call them the cutest “monkey” on earth. What do you think?

Philippine Tarsier in Bohol, Philippines

Other fun facts about these cute primates:  Tarsiers are very shy nocturnal animals, but I managed to get a few photos for you. Look at those eyes!

Philippine Tarsier wrapped up in a bed of leaves, in Bohol, Philippines
Tarsier wrapped up in a bed of leaves

Photos taken by Todd L. Cohen in Bohol, Philippines!

Philippine Tarsier have little tiny hands and feet | Photo taken in Bohol, Philippines
Philippine Tarsier have little tiny hands and feet

The Philippine Tarsier diet is nearly exclusively insects, which they catch by jumping at them (on occasion these little guys also eat birds, snakes, bats, lizards). They’re quick jumpers. Tarsiers look asleep at one moment, and then jump to another branch the next.

Philippine Tarsier are really small | Bohol, Philippines
Tarsiers are really tiny

As you can see, they’re is really tiny – they fit in my hands!  Just 4-6 inches.

Sleeping tarsiers - they're nocturnal primates | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Todd Cohen |
The Philippine Tarsier is a nocturnal primate. Very sleepy!

They say a visit to Bohol is not complete without seeing the famous Philippine Tarsier, and I’d have to agree. They’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen (besides Gizmo from the Gremlins!).

Mighty Python!

Snakes! Most of my photography is from my adventures in the wild, but this was a departure from that style to play with Pythons in Bohol, in the Philippines.

Python in Bohol, Philippines
Portrait with a python in Bohol, Philippines

It wasn’t the first time I was seeing wildlife in my trip – the baby orangutans, baby elephants, and baby monkeys in Borneo were adorable!  I also saw other types of animals in the wild – tarsiersmacaquesproboscis monkeyssharks, and more!