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Island Hopping in Bocas del Toro Panama

5 days of Island Hopping in Bocas

Bocas del Toro might be the best part of Panama, especially for backpackers and travelers. Bocas is an archipelago (group of islands) with beautiful beaches, wildlife, adventure, good food, and a great  party scene that attracts backpackers from around the world.

Most people have only heard of Bocas del Toro from the TV series Survivor (17 countries filmed there) – it’s a real place and worth a visit. While many people visiting Panama only get to Panama City, Bocas is a hidden gem.

Every day we chose an activity or an island to go to – then hopped in a boat to go check it out. Here’s a 31-photo tour, with some highlights from our five days of island hopping in Bocas del Toro:

Playa La Estrella – Starfish Beach

While it doesn’t get nearly as much acclaim as the other beaches, Playa La Estrella has easily the most beautiful water next to their nearly private beaches. The name literally translates to Starfish Beach, and you can see why – they’re everywhere!

Starfish everywhere! - Playa La Estrella, Bocas del Toro is a must visit when island hopping in Bocas del Toro Panama
Starfish everywhere! – Playa La Estrella, Bocas del Toro

Playa La Estrella, the most beautiful beach in Bocas

Starfish beach in Bocas del Toro. Playa La Estrella. A must visit when island hopping in Bocas del Toro Panama
Have you ever seen this many starfish?

Tip: please do NOT touch the starfish or take them out of water – it actually kills them.

Bocas del Toro Nightlife

Bocas del Toro is beautiful, but what kind of entertainment do they have for when the sun goes down?  Where do people go to party in Bocas?Monica from Globe Trottica tells us about her favorite bars and hotspots in Bocas del Toro, combined with photos from my recent Bocas adventure. 

Bocas del Toro nightlife

I held my breath as I jumped into the warm Caribbean Sea. My cloth pants immediately absorbed a ton of water, making it that much harder for me to stay afloat.

I grabbed onto the side of the dock, wiping away my soaking wet hair that stuck to the side of my face. The beats from the music vibrated the water, causing miniature waves to crash against me.

The sounds of clinking beer bottles and the cheerful hoopla of partygoers carried over to the swimming area and, softened and dulled by distance, created a sublime atmosphere. The soft beats coming from the DJ booth mixed with the ambience seamlessly.

La Iguana Surf Club immediately became my favorite party spot in Bocas del Toro.

Bocas del Toro is known for its rowdy nightlife and offers a range of bars and clubs that satisfy the needs of any type of partygoer. It’s a small town in one of the few small islands in northern Panama.