My trip begins!

My trip begins!   I just left the frozen tundra of NYC, which just had 20″ of snow (6th largest snow storm in NYC history), to go mostly warm countries near the equator. So stoked!

My trip is free on air miles, so I needed to go through Vancouver and Beijing to use them. Here’s the Air Canada plane that’s transporting me, and the view from the air in Vancouver:

I’m hoping to post lots of photos on this site, so hopefully wifi connections will be plentiful in my budget lodging.

Going to Asia??

Wait, you’re going to Asia?  Whaaaaat? For how long??  Months?!? When did you decide that?   That was the typical reaction. I’ve always said that when I’m in between jobs I’m just going to book a big trip and travel.  In my industry I only get 2 weeks of vacation per year, and they can’t be used together, so I can’t typically visit Asia during a job vacay. It takes so long to get there that it doesn’t make sense to just go for a week. And while the flight across the world can be pricey, it’s soooo cheap once you arrive. So I just decided it a little before Xmas and booked the main flight into Hong Kong to get started. It all happened so fast.

Tentatively my flight back is from Tokyo on Feb 23rd but that’s moveable for a minimal fee, and as of now it seems likely that I’ll move it back.

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