Raiders Plane in Malaysia??

NFL to Asia??

One of the big challenges about traveling are the things you miss from home. My New York Jets (American football) were in the playoffs, but I was in Malaysia!  I was excited to learn that my NY Jets playoff run took them all the way to the AFC Championship game.  Unfortunately, I was set to arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, one day before the game. It’s a region of the world without any NFL fans. None!

KL is a major city, so my plan was to investigate if there’s any tiny sports bar that might have it (spoiler alert – there’s not). So I was thinking it would be a challenge, but imagine my reaction as we landed right next to this:

Air Asia, proud sponsor of the Oakland Raiders! That’s puzzling to most people because american football isn’t remotely popular in Malaysia, and they don’t even fly to the U.S.

That’s right – This is an Air Asia plane, with a custom Oakland Raiders wrap/paint job. At first I thought it was just Raider colors, but a closer look revealed that the side of the plane featured the name, the logo, and even images of the Raiderettes!
Why would a discount Asia carrier have a jet that’s decked out in Raiders colors?  My first fleeting thought was hopeful, incorrectly thinking perhaps there’s a small NFL fanbase here that they’re catering to. There’s not. They don’t even fly to the United States.

Jordanians – the most helpful people you’ll meet?

I’ve met great people in every country but Jordan really sticks out for how far the Jordanians went to help us. They were friendly in Indonesia, but Jordanians, random strangers, kept going that extra mile beyond reasonable expectations.  Often they’d tried to help us but most spoke very limited English, so there was certainly some effort on their part.

For example, a waiter actually invited us to stay with him at his home the “next” time we visit. We’ve gone through the conversation multiple times and can’t quite figure out how it came to that, but the invitation was incredibly generous nevertheless.

On that previous driving in the fog adventure story, a guy we met along the way invited us into his house, called someone he knew that spoke marginally better English, to help direct us for this missing road.

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