Learning Indonesian

If you’re going to be in a city for a few days, it’s always appreciated when you take a moment to learn a few key phrases. That’s particularly challenging in a country like Indonesia, with so many languages being spoken (Balinese and different dialects of Bahasa Indonesian were most common in Bali).  But it’s important.
Regardless of what city I’m in, I find myself saying Thank You quite a bit, so in Indonesian, that’s “Terima Kasih.”  Pair that with a warm smile and they’re likely to response with “Sammah Sammah” – You’re welcome. For some reason in Bali the word kaliren (hungry) came up a lot.  “always kaliren!”
Special thanks to Afit, Nadya, and Dina, for teaching me their language.
Note: neither of those last two phrases came up accurately under Google Translate, but I was using them every day in Java and people seemed to know exactly what I was saying.
Like my experience in HK, I’ve met such wonderful people here (both travelers and Indonesians).  Some of them I’ve been staying in touch with (and some will be perhaps by reading this blog).

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