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The Least Helpful Major Airport in the world

Welcome to Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan – the least helpful international airport I’ve been in.  The tourist “information” booth didn’t have any information.  His English was quite good, but he couldn’t answer ANY of my questions, which were rather basic.  This is the biggest airport in Jordan, and their only non-Arabic map they had was in Russian.

Welcome to Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan - the least helpful international airport
Welcome to Queen Alia International Airport - the least helpful international airport

Also, I had booked a rent-a-car through the Budget Rent-a-Car airport office, which didn’t actually exist. The guy at the information booth had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about it. One of the vendors said he knew them but that  he hadn’t seen the Budget guy since the morning, so my best route is to just wait and hope he comes back.  Apparently they don’t have an office; it’s a guy with a clipboard, credit card machine, and keys. I finally found the guy and after filling out some paperwork he took me to the car. They leave the car in long-term parking; he said the guard knows him and wouldn’t charge me, but that wasn’t the case. The security guard said he knows the Budget guy, but the new renter always pays the bill. So your total cost is actually dependent on how long ago the guy before you left the car.

Flight from Bahrain to Jordan on Gulf Air

After the craziness on my first flight on Gulf Air, they redeemed themselves with this wonderfully comfortable and uneventful flight.

This plane was modern and the seat design seemed very innovative – there was plenty of leg room because the area for the tray table and magazines was set higher than most airplane seats. Why doesn’t every airline do it this way?

The next post will be from Jordan – so excited for Petra!