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Road to Petra – Getting Lost Driving in Jordan

Note: if you have trust issues, particularly with strangers in foreign lands, reading most of this post may not help. Spoiler alert – we lived!  But it was an adventure.

This is the story of our attempts to drive from the Dead Sea to Petra, one of the wonders of the world. We were on a travelers high, having just floated in the Dead Sea, witnessed an amazing Dead Sea sunset, and had a modeling photoshoot. As we drove down the Dead Sea highway, we looked at the rather poorly marked map and noticed that the directions to drive from the Dead Sea to Petra had us driving on a road that wasn’t on our map, which presented some obvious challenges as the sun was going down.  How could that be?

Petra and the Dead Sea might be Jordans two biggest tourist attractions and they’re almost directly across from each other, but all the books and websites said the way to get there is to go back up to Amman and then go down, or go down to Aqaba (the Red Sea), and then back up. That seemed rather inefficient, given how close Petra is to where we were in along the Dead Sea highway, so we decided get in touch with our inner Lewis & Clark and start exploring.

Jordanian Dinars – the currency in Jordan

Currency in Jordan

Jordanian Dinars, the currency in Jordan. It doesn't list the amount (in english) on both sides of each bill. Challenges...
Jordanian Dinars. It doesn’t list the amount (in english) on both sides of each bill. Challenges…

The money in Jordan would be so much easier to work with if they used standard english numbers on both sides of the dinars. Every country has their own language, but as someone that can’t read Arabic, I found this aspect of Jordanian currency to be challenging.