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Eurotrip!  I traveled for 2 months through 10 countries in eastern and central Europe; it was quite the adventure! I’ll write about my adventures in each country, but in the meantime, here’s a quick photo tour of my trip.

Countries visited:
Sweden -> Finland -> Estonia -> Latvia -> Lithuania -> Poland -> Prague Czech -> Munich Germany -> Greece (5 islands!) -> Budapest Hungary.
I wasn’t planning on backpacking through Europe for two months. I had stopped working a couple of weeks before, and decided I wanted to take a trip before starting a new job. But where to go?
Adventures through 10 countries, including the Czech Republic
Adventures through 10 countries, in Europe. Prague in the Czech Republic was one of my favorite cities!
The Baltics intrigued me – the trio of former Soviet Union countries that border the Baltic Sea.  I had only planned to travel for a 2-3 week trip to the Baltics – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – but loved it and kept extending my trip. I’d never been to any of those countries, and didn’t know anyone that had been to any of them either. Imagine visiting a place that wasn’t even a country when you were born. Fascinating!
To get into that region I flew into…
Stockholm is nearly surrounded by water, so a boat photo was a must
Stockholm is nearly surrounded by water, so a boat photo was a must

Stockholm, Sweden!  Coincidently, I have friends in Sweden that I met on my southeast Asia trip. I stayed with a friend that I had last seen while snorkeling with whale sharks in the Philippines. Click that link to see what that was like.