Got out of Bahrain just in time!

Just a few short weeks after leaving Jordan and Bahrain, the Middle East fell apart. Egypt has been all over the news, but there’s been quite a bit going on in Bahrain and Jordan (where I traveled) as well. I’m now out safely – I’ll post more of Jordan today but wanted to let you know that I’m out safely.  The New York Times just posted this story with an update on what’s going on in Bahrain:

Clashes Erupt in Bahrain as Tumult Ripples Across Mideast

Bahrain - tear gas and rubber bullets used to disperse protesters in Diraz in2011
Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters in Diraz, Bahrain

This small nation in the Persian Gulf, with only about one million residents, half of them foreign workers, has long been among the most politically volatile in the region. The principal tension is between the royal family under King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa and the ruling elites, who are mostly Sunnis, on one side, and the approximately 70 percent of the local population that is Shiite on the other. Occupying mostly run-down villages with cinder block buildings and little else, many Shiites say they face systemic discrimination in employment, housing, education and government.

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