7.5 steps to get in shape for your trip

Happy 2013!  Ahhh, the new year. Each and every year, millions of people decide they need to get in better shape. Sometimes this is travel related, to look great for your next trip. Do you want to get ready for the tons of travel photos and bathing suit weather for your winter getaway?  How do you do it?  Start by setting a goal, and then focus on both the fitness and nutrition. Most people ignore the nutrition part, and then get discouraged with the lack of results. I made some small changes with big results, and you can too.

Check out this post on the 7.5 steps to get in shape for your next trip. Most lists focus on the fitness, so I’m going to focus on the nutrition, which could be even more important.  These are little adjustments in your diet that make a huge difference – they did for me. I’ll show you how!

Meet my new friends - Malapascua, Philippines - Visit50.com
Meet my new friends in Malapascua island, Philippines
Group shot - after diving in Bali - Visit50.com
That’s me on the left; I just got out of the water after getting SCUBA Open Water Certified


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